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What I do. 

Coaching. Psychotherapy. Facilitation. 


If I had to sum up my entire philosophy of life in two words, I would say: be curious


With a diverse background in literature, critical theory, fitness, management and consulting, I am driven by curiosity and a desire to help others make the most out of their current situation. 

Whether we are working towards a specific goal through coaching, exploring and supporting your experience through psychotherapy or facilitating and delivering talks and training solutions, all the work I do is collaborative and relational. 

Relationships are at the core of the human experience and this informs all of my work; what does it mean for you to be in contact with yourself, those around you and the world we live in? 


There is no substitute for experience.  


Life. Tackled.

Let's Talk.


Talk to me.

Let's have a conversation, to decide if we are a good fit and can do some great work together.

I work face to face from Central London and online. 

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I went into the coaching not knowing what to expect from the process and not really sure what I would get out of it. It is fair to say that I had some preconceived ideas and not all of them were positive. My expectation was to focus on my professional life with a view to improving my current work situation and thinking more broadly about  my future career path. In reality, my coaching experience could not have been more positive, more impactful and  more beneficial to both my work life and to a greater extent my personal life.



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